Mutual Aid Agreement
CoWARN Operational Plan
February 27, 2012

The Operational Plan is an instructional guide for Members and Associate Representatives describing the implementation of the MAA. The Plan facilitates integration of Members’ actions before, during, and after an incident, including those actions that occur prior to a formal emergency declaration.

Specifically, the Plan:

• Describes pre-emergency responsibilities;
• Describes training, exercises, and procedures to update the CoWARN Operational Plan;
• Provides a general set of procedures for coordinating with response partners;
• Provides a general set of procedures for activating the MAA;
• Provides a general set of procedures for mobilization of Member resources;
• Provides a general set of procedures for internal CoWARN response coordination;
• Provides forms for CoWARN standard reporting formats;
• Describes communication tools for Members;
• Describes a general set of procedures for writing an After-Action Report and Improvement Plan;
• Addresses how the Member can utilize other available tools, such as the AWWA Water & Wastewater Mutual Aid & Assistance Resource Typing Manual.

CoWARN Operational Plan 2012
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